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Got polkadots Passion Fruit Competition flower bikini Read my heart

Got polkadots


Just like in the LMFAO song, the hottie in a polkadot bikini is never left unnoticed.

This is one of my most popular swimsuits and its been recently featured at a Musclecar magazine shoot.

Passion Fruit Competition flower bikini


HURRY!!!! Im finally saying “farewell” to my incredible Bikini America competition suit!

It attracted a ton of attention and admiring glances, brought me my win at the contest and was one of my outfits for the magazine shoot in the desert.

Read my heart

Your body is a treasure map...well, in this case, the suit is one too. This monokini is not for swimming, its for showing off your hard gym work at the pool or beach and maybe some sunbathing as well.

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