New Year resolutions got me like...

If you are a lucky owner of my 2017 Calendar, then you already know that the order of the photos in it has a certain logic behind it. But at times, it is not as obvious as one would expect. This photo, for instance is representing the month of January as I have been inspired by the overwhelming amount of posts i see on the internet in the beginning of every year, concerning the "resolutions", "the new body goals", "new year, new me", etc etc. SOOO, how about this year we make it a reality, not just another empty promise to try to impress others!!! What if we actually put our minds and hearts into it and change our lifestyle and the way we look at food and exercise? What if we suddenly see that everything is truly possible if we believe it is? What if, 2017 is YOUR year to blossom !!!! Happy New Year, everyone and lets make it the one for the books! Love you ALL! XOXO Katerina

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