"Fit Goddess Swimwear by Katerina Schload was inspired by the glamorous side of the fitness modeling and pageants, where ladies dress and accessorize their bodies any way they can to get the attention of the judging panel and showcase their hard work at the gym.

The swimwear line is intended to motivate women to take care of their bodies, get involved in the fitness lifestyle, eat healthy, and be in the best shape of their lives. It's sort of like buying an expensive pair of designer jeans 2 sizes smaller so you have the goal to fit into them as soon as possible. Having a fabulous swimsuit like this and looking forward to summer activities or some great party is sure to help you stay on track with your fitness goals.

The swimwear line contains unique-one-of-a-kind body flattering pieces that may be hand-embroidered, full of sequins, beads, and even feathers. Every swimsuit type serves a different purpose. Some of them are water friendly, and active sports friendly. Some are intended for fancy Vegas-style pool parties only, and can be hand-washed or dry cleaned. No matter what piece you purchase, it's a guarantee that you will catch all the eyes at the party, beach, or pool and will be the center of attention.

So it's not for modest goddesses. It's for ladies who are attention getters and crave something artsy and sexy to dress their bodies in.


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